Vex Robot World Championships 2016 – Day 1 Diary

1 Kentucky Expo

Day one at the Vex Robotics World Championships is finally here.  Not sure what to expect, on arrival at the Kentucky Expo we were very surprised with the vast scale of the event… Apparently it is a mile long from one end of the show to the other!

2 Registration

Once registered, the team set about testing the robots prior to inspection.  After almost two hours queuing and rigorous testing we were informed that minor modifications were required and backup batteries needed to be installed before they were signed off to compete.

3 Queue for Inspection

Although everyone is friendly and chatty, everyone was really sizing up the competition.

With time running out before the event closed for the day, there was a final chance to some team photos.

6 Team and robots

The serious stuff starts tomorrow with the team planning to be at the Practice arena for 7.30am in readiness for the first competitive competition after 9am.

Unfortunately with no wifi available at the venue, you can watch a live stream at (the appris team is competing under ‘VEX U Research’ division).

Remember, Kentucky is 5 hours behind UK time!