Update regarding off the job Training at Appris

The training centre will remain closed until the end of April and we will be continuing with the online lessons from 20th April.

Continuity of learning and learner progression are extremely important at this difficult time and the online lessons have been a tremendous success.

We have experienced excellent  learner attendance, engagement and progression, this being essential to ensure that all learners remain focussed and on track.

We will be constantly reviewing the Coronavirus situation and will notify you when we have a confirmed reopening date. Up until this point you can be rest assured that the Appris team will be providing high quality structured online lessons to support all learners.

We would like to thank all learners and employers for their support and engagement throughout this period.

Looking ahead, our recruitment process for new apprentices continues to thrive and is going extremely well with many high calibre applicants being interviewed and raring to start.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for anything training centre related or Dean Coleman-Walker d.coleman-walker@appris.co.uk for anything business development / recruitment related should you require any further information.

Mark Butcher, Programme Director