Recruitment & Selection

Getting recruitment and selection wrong is a costly job! Recruitment and selection is the first vital step to building a successful team, in turn if the team is successful the organisation can unlock its potential through its people. Ensuring that we select the right people, with the right skills and make the best informed decision we can is vital for any organisation looking to stay ahead of the game and succeed.


  • Understand the importance of getting recruitment and selection right and the costs of getting it wrong
  • Know what the recruitment cycle should look like and understand each part of that cycle to enable participants to be able to put it in to practice
  • Learn how to plan for successful recruitment and selection
  • Understand what actions need to be taken prior to recruiting a new member of staff
  • Understand the implications of employment legislation surrounding recruitment and selection
  • How to conduct successful competency based interviews
  • Practice what you have learnt and get constructive feedback looking at the delegates particular strengths and areas that need further development. Work on those areas of development to ensure that the delegate has confidence to put things in to practice in the workplace.


  • Tutorial
  • Activities, including practicing the recruitment and selection process
  • Personal Action plan

Duration: Two Day

Cost: £300.00 + VAT per person