Managing Learning Through Pandemic

Appris continue to monitor the impact of lockdown and the re-opening of the Training Centre, as well as the wider issues of accessing employer sites. The sections below highlight the phased approach we have taken to do so on a safe manner and in line with government guidelines on social distance.

Phase one commenced week commencing 23rd March with the transition of all lessons to online delivery via Microsoft Teams.

With a best possible attendance rate of 98.7%, attendance overall over the duration from 25th March – 29th May has been 95.8%, this highlighting an overall non-attendance rate of 2.9%.

Investigation into non-attendance resulted in the following findings:

  • A minority of learners were unwell
  • Some learners were required to work due to employers staffing issues
  • Some learners went onto a new shift pattern resulting in them not being able to attend all lessons

Phase one has proved to be very effective with the vast majority of learners being receptive to this form of learning and overall progress of the academic element of their qualifications good.

With guidance being provided by Health & Safety Consultant, Michael Hollyoak, phase two commenced with the partial reopening of the training centre. Phase two reintroduces groups, deemed as a priority due to their essential need to have access to the training centres physical resources to enable them to progress further, this includes:

  • Foundation Competence  level 2 groups
  • Foundation Knowledge level 2
  • EAL level 3 year 1 Machinist
  • HNC Mechanical year 2
  • Welding level 2 and 3

Phase two’s learner attendance has been restricted inline with government guidlines.

Restriction identified with regards to learner absences:

  • 4 Oil & Gas learners are not being allowed to attend until head office allows them to return
  • 3 learners cannot attend due to them living with family in very high risk categories

Up to 31st July, Appris will continue to monitor government guidelines and prioritise the return of learners to the centre in a controlled and safe manner. Whilst the majority of learners remain online for theory learning, phase 3 may see the return of Level 3 and 4 provision.

Work Based Learning starting to engage face to face with learners in the workplace. Risk Assessment Questionnaire are being circulated to employers by Training Advisors to identify any restrictions or additional PPE requirements.

With the extended timetable of 2019/20 overrunning until 31st July, the focus between August and September for the Training Centre will be to close out those learners that were unable to attend earlier phases. whilst the Work Based Training Advisors concentrate of timely completed from September 2016 starts.

From Monday 28th September, this phase will be the full re-opening of the training centre to all new 2020/21 apprentice starters and returning learners.