Personal Effectiveness Decision Making

To be a successful manager you need the ability to manage yourself, reach decisions and solve problems competently and successfully. Deadlines need to be met and targets achieved, therefore it is essential that managers can organise their workload effectively. This course identifies various tools that can be utilised at work and addresses the self-discipline required to become task orientated.

Designed for: Managers, Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders


  • Understand the difference between a problem and a decision
  • Take a logical approach to tackling issues
  • How to set meaningful objectives (SMART)
  • Balance pros and cons of alternative solutions
  • Make decisions on best available information
  • Understanding of the various methods of gathering relevant information, data etc regarding problems
  • Understanding the importance of determining the root cause of problems
  • How to break plans down into manageable chunks
  • Look at how to identify where we are, where we want to be and how we are going to get there


  • Tutorial
  • Group discussion and activities
  • Practical application of learning
  • Personal action plan