Managing Absence and Fit Notes

absence managementNot managing absence effectively can be a costly issue for businesses today as it results in potential lost revenue, de-motivation, and poor customer services etc. This course aims to enable Managers/Supervisors/Team leaders to understand what constitutes absence, how they can manage absence, both short term and long term and put strategies in place to reduce absence, manage fairly, consistently, within the law and appropriately.


  • Understand what constitutes absence
  • Identify different types of absence
  • Appreciate the legal implications of managing absence
  • Appreciate the true cost to the business poor absence management has
  • Understand the difference between capability and conduct
  • Identify strategies for managing long term and short term absence and how to put them in place
  • Know how to measure, monitor and reduce absence
  • Understand the impact of the new “Fit Note”
  • Identify reasons for absence and where changes need to be made to current practice
  • Gain a thorough knowledge of absence , absence management and be able to develop an action plan to implement and make the necessary changes


  • Tutorial
  • Group discussion and activities
  • Practical application of learning
  • Create action plan

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: £160.00 plus VAT per person