ILM Level 2 Certificate in Effective Team Member Skills

ILM Level 2 Certificate in Effective Team Member course is a series of interactive workshops are aimed at anyone wanting to improve the skills needed when working in and amongst teams.

Delivered in our training suite at Bradford during 4 full day workshops, we will provide the knowledge, tools and confidence required to be an effective Team Member.

To achieve this ILM qualification, candidates will be required to complete a workbook demonstrating understanding of the skills and behaviours required to be an effective team member.

The interactive workshops include:

  • Full induction
  • Understand what teamwork is
  • Know how to contribute to a positive work environment within a diverse team
  • Review own performance as a team member
  • Know how to manage yourself and your time in line with team goals
  • Understand how to use physical resources efficiently
  • Know how to contribute to problem solving
  • Communicate effectively within a team
  • Understand the importance of communication within a team
  • Understand what is required when communicating with those outside the team
  • Know how to deal with conflict
  • Know how to manage yourself in a stressful situation
  • Understand the legal requirements as a team member
  • Understand what your responsibilities for health and safety are


Delegate Feedback

I enjoyed the course more than I thought because it covered a lot of areas in just enough depth to keep you interested and motivated to go away and think about things. It was pacy and varied and lots of small things that made you think about your role and your behaviour, as well as developing the team.

Yvonne Spivey, Aug 15, 08:50 AM

Both presenters were excellent speakers, they were very engaging, dealing with each topic in detail. I feel sure that the skills learnt will be transferred to work.

Mick Green, Aug 15, 08:48 AM

Very useful, I will be able to apply a lot of the skills I have learnt in the workplace.

Daniel Topp, Aug 15, 08:45 AM