Appris renew IET Membership

Appris is proud to be recognised as an approved Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) Centre.

The IET is a world class professional organisation which exists to promote best practice in engineering and to support the needs of its 167,000 members.

Being an IET approved centre confirms that the quality and content of Appris curriculum is of a very high standard and are in line with the latest guidance and good practice.

Apprentices can start their journey at Appris and the IET by applying for professional registration. Upon successfully completing their IET accredited programmes are eligible to apply for registration as an Engineering Technician. These being the fundamental steps towards becoming a Charted Engineer.

This year alone a further 30 new apprentices who joined Appris in September 2017 have applied for IET professional registration. Appris has supported these by covering the costs of their registration fees.

Appris is now in its fourth year of IET accreditation and is looking forward to helping and supporting many more apprentices through both their apprenticeships and their IET professional journeys.