HR Support and Consultancy

Appris offers HR support/consultancy from CIPD qualified individuals as many organisations find it extremely difficult to keep up with the ever-increasing complexity of employment law and understanding the impact that it has from an HR perspective on policies, procedures and practices. Whether companies are SMEs or larger organisations they often have a need for support in this area, should it be it be ongoing support or one off help and advice when an issue/project arises.

Our specialists will not only advise, but provide you with a pragmatic service. This service can either be:

One off support for projects or issues, such as:

• Assisting an organisation faced with handling a redundancy situation
• Practically handling grievance or disciplinary situations
• Performance management
• Implementing HR processes
• Writing, evaluating or issuing Policies and Procedures

Company handbooks

• Policies and procedures
• Contracts of employment
• HR related letters or documents

Service provided on a retainer basis

One of our qualified team of HR practitioners can be assigned to your organisation to act as your ‘HR department’. The number of visits required on a monthly basis will very much be determined by the needs of the organisation. However, as the practitioners have worked in this field for many years, they will soon be able to ascertain what they believe the company needs to be able to take the HR function forward and make the necessary improvements, which have been identified.

Whichever service the company requires the HR practitioner working with them will always ensure that they fully understand the business/organisation, they develop good working relationships and take responsibility for the HR requirements.

Some of the benefits

• The organisation can ensure that they are delivering HR best practice and complying with employment legislation
• Advice and guidance delivered to directors/managers in a language they understand
• Practical support to ensure that the directors/managers can get on with what they are best at
• Not having to employ an HR specialist and the costs involved in doing so
• Cost savings e.g. absence management, performance management, staff turnover, time spent dealing with disciplinary and grievance issues
• Employment relationships
• Handling issues in the right way will help to ensure if a tribunal case is brought against the employer, the risk is minimised