Hand-arm Vibration Awareness (HAVs)

The Hand-arm Vibration Awareness course is designed for personnel who use portable hand held and fixed equipment which emits vibration.

Course Objectives:

To clearly understand hand-arm vibration syndrome

Course Content:

What is hand-arm vibration syndrome?

  • Types of tools and equipment that emit vibration and can lead to HAVS and VWF
  • Health effects caused by over exposure and symptoms
  • Employer duties
  • Manufacturers duties
  • Exposure levels
  • How to reduce the risks
  • Regulations that apply

It will be explained how:

  • Vibration is transmitted from work processes into workers hands and arms
  • It is caused by operating hand held power tools, such as angle grinders, sanders and lawn mowers
  • It is caused by holding materials being processed by a machine such as a pedestal grinder


Delegates will understand how using certain tools & equipment in the workplace can cause ill health to the individuals who use them.