Engineering Training Centre Awards 2018

The 4th Annual Appris Engineering Training Centre Awards took place on Tuesday 26th June 2018.  Shortlisting winners was as challenging as ever for the Tutors considering the high quality of students, but we are delighted to announce the following winners…

Joint Mechanical Engineering Learner of the Year

Jon Knaggs, Ejot

Gary Spowage, Engineering Tutor stated “Jon is the kind of student any lecturer would be glad to have in their class. If he is asked a question he will always proffer a sensible and fairly considered answer. If he is not quite right he will listen to why he was wrong, if he still can’t see why, he will discuss in a very constructive way the points you are both making and always with an open mind.

Jon always has a go at everything asked of him and is not one at all to sit back and let someone else do the work. His interest in all the subjects and his can do attitude makes him a pleasure to teach.”

Alice Graham, AGFA

Saudagar Jagdev, Engineering Tutor stated “Alice joined us for year 2 of the BTEC mechanical qualification after being with an alternative training provider for year 1.

Since joining the training centre Alice has excelled in everything she has attempted and her attitude, commitment and positive outlook and contribution has been second to none.”

Joint Electrical/Electronic Engineering Learner of the Year

Regan Midgley, Powell

Shane Barton, Engineering Tutor stated “Regan has been a model student through the year, putting a lot of effort in to every class and every piece of work that she has been tasked with this term. She has managed to not only complete every target that has been set for her within the allotted time but has also gone the extra mile and achieved a number of merits and distinctions across the various subjects.”

Nathan Laughton, AGFA

Umar Khan, Engineering Tutor stated “Nathan is highly talented and motivated with very good work ethics. Despite joining in the second year, he has made excellent progress and shown rapid progress throughout.”

Unfortunately, Nathan was unable to collect his award, which was collected by fellow AGFA apprentice, Alice Graham and employer representative, Chris Jones.

Joint Personal Achievement Award

Nathan Snowden, Fives Landis

Barry McGinnis, Engineering Tutor stated “Nathan is a quiet student, he has asked questions when he has not fully understood the subject and has not let others in the group distract him. Nathan has redone any tasks that were not to the best of his ability without complaining and has been focused on doing the best possible job.”

Hubert Behrendt, Hindles

Mark Butcher, Training Centre Manager stated “Hubert has an extremely keen and positive interest in engineering especially practical tasks. In his first year he completed several additional tasks, one of which was the completion of a CNC program to produce a part for a lathe repair. This particular part was much needed as the suppliers were struggling to deliver.

Hubert’s willingness to try and develop new ways of producing components has further developed his skills.

More recently he has started to realise the importance of paper work and how it can help him develop to a higher level – over the first year this was of little interest. I am very pleased that he is enrolling onto the HNC course next year and wish him well with his future.”

Overall Training Centre Learner of the Year

Daniel Pow, Fives Landis

Brian Hamilton, Engineering Tutor stated “This year the apprenticeship has taken on a new format. For the first time, an apprentice must not only develop essential skills and attributes prized by employers, they must also be aware of workplace behaviours valued in the engineering sector. I feel the following five core behaviours set in year one suitably sum up Daniel’s mindset, attitude, approach and outstanding application to the challenges presented throughout the first year of training.

Personal responsibility and resilience:

Comply with the health and safety guidance and procedures, be disciplined and have a responsible approach to risk, work diligently regardless of how much they are being supervised, accept responsibility for managing time and workload and stay motivated and committed when facing challenges.

Work effectively in teams:

Integrate with the team, support other people, consider implications of their actions on other people and the business whileworking effectively to get the task completed.

Effective communication and interpersonal skills:

An open and honest communicator, communicate using appropriate methods, listen well to others and have a positive and respectful attitude.

Focus on quality and problem solving:

Follow instructions and guidance, demonstrate attention to detail, follow a logical approach to problem-solvingand seek opportunities to improve quality, speed and efficiency.

Continuous personal development:

Reflect on skills, knowledge and behaviours and seek opportunities to develop, adapt to different situations, environments or technologies and have a positive attitude to feedback and advice.”


Quote:-The Royal Academy of Engineering suggests the UK will need over a million new engineers and technicians by 2020

“If the industry can produce young people of this quality, the industry is in safe hands.”

More images from the event, including all winners, Appris staff and employers