Effective Presentation Skills

The Effective Presentation Skills course will enable personnel to develop their confidence and skills when presenting to their audience by learning the core skills and fundamental knowledge of how to deliver an effective presentation.

Course content:

The course will help attendees to:

  • Prepare and deliver presentations, displaying increased confidence and effectiveness
  • Define  the objective of the presentation and prepare the presentation in line with that objective
  • Know what to consider to help meet the audience needs
  • Plan the right environment for a positive impact
  • Get the content of the presentation right to deliver their message
  • Get the timing of the presentation right
  • Manage their notes or build enough confidence not to need notes
  • Understand the importance of rehearsing for success
  • Deal effectively with questions and answers
  • Prepare and use a variety of visual aids
  • Understand the impact of  body language on your audience
  • Lead and control discussions
  • Identify personal strengths and weakness as a presenter
  • Be given honest, constructive and supportive feedback
  • Work on the areas for improvement in a safe and supportive environment
  • Understand what credibility is and professionalism looks like when delivering a presentation

To attend this course delegates must prepare and be prepared to deliver a 10-minute presentation.  Constructive feedback will be given to each delegate and areas for improvement discussed and supported.


Maximum of 6 delegates – 1 day

Maximum of 12 delegates – 2 days

Cost £600.00 + VAT per day