COVID-19 Update – 19th March 2020

Due to the health and wellbeing concerns arising from the Coronavirus, to safeguard all of our learners we will be temporarily closing the training centre from close of play from Tuesday 24th March until 20th April 2020.

During this close down period it is essential that all learners continue to make progress towards their qualifications and we provide structure and support to them every step of the way. To facilitate this we will be providing online classes for all learners which will replicate their training centre timetables.

Learners will access their online classes via Microsoft Teams which have been set up in-line with their normal groups. Appris tutors will be online at their normal times of delivery to introduce what the group will be doing and will remain online for the full duration of their class to offer help, guidance, resources and support. Learners will submit their written work as they would normally do via the Workspace cloud (accessible via so this can be marked and feedback provided. This will be starting from Wednesday 25th March 2020.

All full time learners will finish at Appris by the end this Friday 20th April 2020 and will be setting them work to do on Monday and Tuesday of next week before we go live with the online classes at 8.30am on Wednesday 25th.

We are personally speaking to all learners attending the training centre to disseminate this information and use of Microsoft Teams.

We all hope that this challenging time will pass quickly and we can reopen the centre on 20th April. In the meantime we really want to ensure that as much progress as possible is being made using our online classes to support all learners progression throughout this period.

With regards to work based assessments and reviews by the Training Advisors that are normally face to face, Training Advisors will now contact learners by telephone, but may use face to face technology such as WhatsApp Video, Facetime, Skype or Smart Assessor’s integrated video recording to conduct the reviews and learner progress.