CIPD Level 5 Diploma in HR Management

The CIPD Level 5 Diploma in HR Management course is aimed at those who wish to further develop their career in HR. You may have previously studied the CIPD Foundation Level Certificate in HR Practice and wish to progress or it may be your first time studying a CIPD qualification. Either way you can develop your knowledge and skills by studying this highly recognised CIPD qualification. The content of the course will help HR professionals to gain an understanding of the HR issues that organisations face and an understanding of best practice solutions.

Topic areas covered are:

  • What is required to be an effective and efficient self-managing HR professional and add value to an organisation
  • The purpose and key objectives of the HR function in contemporary organisations
  • The HR role in change management and how to effectively contribute to change management
  • Evaluating the HR function in terms of value added and sustained organisational performance
  • The relationship between organisational performance and effective HR Management
  • Key contemporary business issues affecting the HR function and  the role of HR in managing them
  • The challenges involved in maintaining and managing HR services and how standards are established and monitored
  • Conduct research and analyse findings and  how to deliver clear, business focused reports on HR issues
  • How to meet organisation development needs and evaluate the outcomes of learning interventions
  • Development of the coaching and mentoring capability of the organisation and support the talent within the organisation
  • The true meaning of Employee Engagement and how to implement strategies and practices intended to raise levels of employee engagement.
  • The future of employee engagement, principally throughout the UK economy but also within the globalised world of work more generally
  • The concept of reward management, the business context, key perspectives that inform reward decision making and how to support line managers in making reward decisions

Delivered by HR Managers with more than 30 years’ experience will deliver the course from Appris’ modern, fully equipped training Centre in Bradford.

NOTE: Costs do not include membership fees that are paid directly to the CIPD.