Appris Training Centre HNC Awards 2017

We are delighted to announce the winners of the HNC Level 4 Awards for 2017.  This being our first cohort of learners on the programme, we are extremely pleased that all 32 students completed, some of which achieve the highest points for Distinction credits.

Registration is now open for this years intake, which includes the ILM Level 2 Effective Team Skills qualification.  For more information, click here.

Training Centre HNC Mechanical Learner of the Year

Nathan Coope, Rotork UK

Nathan has excelled academically at Appris for the following reasons:

Resourcefulness – In his favour and to his advantage, he has a solid background in maths, science and a problem solving mentality.

Initiative – He finds ways of approaching a scenario and attacking problems, sometimes in ways that Tutor’s hadn’t thought of and embarrassingly, with a more straightforward method.

Understanding – It is acknowledged that the test of understanding the solution to a problem, is being able to teach it to someone else – and Nathan has demonstrated that faculty on several occasions.

Purpose & Focus –Nathan has been intellectually challenging, cooperative and helpful, has a mature outlook on life and most importantly, has a good idea of where he wants to go and how to get there.

Training Centre HNC Electrical/Electronic Learner of the Year

Daniel Tyne, CarnaudMetalbox Engineering

Daniel has demonstrated an outstanding attitude and commitment towards the course. He has constantly strived to achieve the best he could in all subjects and over the 2 years, has been a model student and an excellent example to his peers.

Daniel was always keen help others and was an absolute pleasure to have on the course.

Training Centre HNC Personal Achievement Awards

Chris Natress, Stephenson Controls

During his time with us doing his HNC, Chris has always been a good and capable student. His beginnings were not like most of the others in the class having come to us via a craft rather than technical route, meaning he had not covered a lot of the maths and science he was going to need to do this course.

He did not let this stand in his way, and with a lot of determination and hard work he reached his goal.

Paul Stevenson, OneSubsea

Paul has been elected to receive the Personal Achievement award because he has demonstrated a consistent effort to all study areas for both years of his HNC. He has shown a mature attitude to learning and study, being willing to share knowledge and resources gained to benefit the tutor and other learners within his group.

It has been evident from the quality of his well-researched and presented work that he has put in extra hours where needed and has been able to stay on track with assignment schedules. All the tutors who have taught Paul have appreciated his input, cooperation, demeanour and work ethic. He is a popular choice for the personal achievement award.

Cameron Tosh, Sulzer Pump

From the very start of the HNC, it was clear Cameron was keen to achieve the qualification. He  worked well and consistently throughout the year, always handing every assignment in on time and quickly and correctly doing any amendments he was given.

He always listened in class and his work was always neat and well laid out. Tutors stated that it has been great to teach Cameron again at a much higher level than before and he should be proud of his achievements.

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