Appraisal Training

appraisal trainingPerformance appraisal is a key part of performance management. Used properly by managers it will ensure employees will feel valued, identify issues and problems and keep KPI’s and objectives on track. This in turn will take the individual, the team, the manager and the business forward. If managers don’t have the right skills and knowledge to use the appraisal system properly it can have a detrimental impact on the business.


  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the appraiser and be able to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and competencies associated with good managers during the appraisal process
  • Confidently be able to prepare and deliver an appraisal meeting with staff
  • Identify the benefits of having appraisal meetings and the pitfalls of getting things wrong
  • Understand the importance of interpersonal, communication and listening skills and put them into practice to improve performance and motivate the team
  • Learn and practice the key skills required to prepare and hold effective appraisal meetings
  • Set clear, SMART objectives and gain buy in
  • Ensure that equality is practiced during the appraisal process
  • Confidently overcome the barriers that can jeopardise good performance
  • To be able to deliver feedback, clearly and confidently to the recipient


  • Tutorial
  • Group discussion and activities
  • Practical application of learning
  • Create a personal action plan

Duration: One day

Cost: £160.00 plus VAT per person