New Website

Welcome to the new Appris website.  Take time to click around the menu bars for further information on: Apprenticeships Advice and guidance for apprentices as well as login links for existing apprentices.  Alternatively, how to apply or what to do once complete. Current apprentices can find the login links to the Workspace and BKSB under
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Sector needs clarity on levy reforms

Great article in regarding the implications of the Apprenticeship Levy following Brexit. Sector leaders have called for clarity on whether the government will still press ahead with apprenticeship levy plans following the British public’s decision to leave the European Union. The full article can be found here.

National Women in Engineering Day

Supporting National Women in Engineering Day 2016, four of our female engineering apprentices from across the region that are currently studying in the Appris Engineering Training Centre and their Engineering Tutor. An article by the Telegraph & Argus was later published on 29th June 2016, which can be read here.