2016 Learner Awards

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Appris 2016 Training Centre Learner Awards

trophies letterbox


Mechanical Learner of the Year 2016 Winners
Shane Fielding, Corroserve  (award collected by Shane’s employer in his absence) and George Scarrott, Sulzer Pumps

Shane Fieldings employer

George Scarrott


Electrical/Electronic Learner of the Year 2016 Winner
Ryan Bedford, Sulzer Pumps

Ryan Bedford


Personal Achievement Award 2016 Winner
Rebecca McConnell, Sulzer Pumps (award collected by Rebecca’s employer in her absence)

Rebecca McConnells employer


Training Centre Overall Learner of the Year 2016 Winner
Robert Lewis, Rotork

Rboert Lewis


Participation Award 2016 goes to the VEX Robotics 2016 Team
Alasdair Vaughan, Brightscrew (centre)
Dominic Trees, Carnaud Metalbox
Nathan Coope, Rotork
Harry Betts, Rotork (left)
Tom King, Rotork (right)

Vex team